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A Sensitive, In-depth Discussion about Your Horoscope and Your Potential.

Our certified professional astrologer with over 16 years of consulting experience is ready to help you comprehend the secrets of your fate encoded in position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth. Find out about major challenges and triumphs you are likely to have in future. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed

What People Say


It’s truly the perfect blend of qualities that makes your sessions so powerful. I definitely feel healed, I now have some new and better coping tools that I can put into effect immediately.

Vivek Sharma Musician

Life is short and you make it sweet by your selfless devotion to the humanity... You hold us firmly in all the face of life. Thank God for having such a wonderful person in my life...

Sandeep Pawar Major

A person who smooth our difficulties, relieve our stress, correct our mistakes and take up other men’s burden. He is a person who makes our life peaceful and harmonious.

Ashish Mittal Advocate

You are a friendly and humble human being. You've advised me during challenging times, and the advice seems to work in the long run. I am looking forward to your guidance in the future.

Shashwat Student, USA

Through your mentorship, you've had good answers and solutions for everything that needed to be addressed. Thank you

Archana Raturi Advocate

Knowledge of Acharya Virendra Shastri Ji in astrology is superb. He has very deep insight of astrological stones, His Predictions and Remedies are always very fruitful. He has changed many lives. He is bestowed with blessings from almighty in removing difficulties from people life and making their life as blessed.

Aradhana Sethi Principal
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